Print Club London

A Film by Print Club London – Interviews with the Summer Screen Artists – Directed and Edited by Aden Blue Stanners

Print Club London

Print Club London

During Summer 2013, Dalston based studios Print Club London teamed up with Somerset House and Film4 to curate a screen printed poster exhibition. The unique collaboration combines specially renowned illustrators from across the UK, Europe and USA who designed and culminated in 16 innovative screen prints based upon each film screened this year at Film4 Summer Screen.

The short film gives refreshing highlights and insight into the artists design and production methods, as well as an insight into the beginnings of their carears. The Film4 Screening is an annual event and a huge success, bringing Londoners together. Along with the fantastic filming and interviews, the film underlines the way Print Club London collaborate to find new elements to their projects every year.

This talented bunch are really inspirational in getting people together to work on innovative new projects, which i’m looking forward to on degree. I share a love for nostalgia and film which is totally summerised into this collection of Film4 posters and seen through for an excellent purpose.

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