Meeting Alan Aldridge.

Whilst working at the Portobello Hotel in Notting Hill in Summer 2013, world famous Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Artist, Alan Aldridge was staying at the hotel. He was keen to look at my portfolio which I was very excited about and following this he offered me a commission to create some typography for the cover of his new novel. I met up with Alan in June 2013 to discuss the cover.

My brief was to come up with multiple design ideas for the cover and spine based on a very brief synopsis from the artist and author. I researched into 1940’s and 1950’s typography in which the novel is set and made my own interpretations of the imagery I visualised from the manuscript. I took a very willing and selfless approach to designing my ideas by producing a series of detailed and annotated sketches which were all drawn by hand. By this time, I was in Portugal and the artist was in Los Angeles therefore I sent over my designs by email and later I received very positive feedback.

Drawing ideas for Alan Aldridge's novel, Pipedreams

Drawing ideas for Alan Aldridge’s novel, Pipedreams

Playing around with type faces and annotaions

Playing around with type faces and annotaions

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