René Burri – A photographer I admire.

After visiting the Sadie Coles gallery on my Time Out rampage, I was determined to visit some more galleries that were listed on the same Art section of the magazine. I went on to find Atlas Gallery, exhibiting True Colours – a dynamic breadth of colour photography.

Rene Burri: Impossible Reminisces, Phaidon 2013

Rene Burri: Impossible Reminisces, Phaidon 2013

Here, I discovered my ultimate love for Photographic Journalism when I came across and dived into the pages of Rene Burri’s Impossible Reminiscences book. His retrospective photography has been a great influence on providing a visual understanding of important cultural and political events of the second half of the twentieth century. I really admire his transcendent observation of daily occurrences in strikingly visual places and situations. I would say we share a love of retro cars, signage, advertisements, typography, distorted places and colour.

I can really relate to the photograph of the ghostly figures of people walking through the grungy looking subway with its dim lighting, low ceilings and harsh neon lighting that stands prominently against the dark background. I can relate to it because I’ve probably felt frightened by the feeling of finding myself in a place like this without any form of communication or safety. It feels like an abandoned place where someone would find themselves in the early hours of the morning when trains aren’t running and time seems to stand still. The abandoned atmosphere adds to the drama of the photo; however this place does have human interaction, where people are constantly on the go, arriving and departing which René Burri has captured through a slow shutter speed shot to give the impression of movement.

When I’m travelling on the London Underground at any hour of the day, the atmosphere of the train stations I pass by have a constant changing atmosphere, emphasised by the surroundings and the personalities I meet in split moments. This is a unique and curious experience when I begin to think of sliding door moments and what would happen if I interrpretated time by arriving late or on time, causing a chain of events to occur. These are a few thoughts that pop into my mind. But wouldn’t it be more fun to plan out a structured idea to create a chain of events and experiment with transport system?!


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