Sliding Doors Moment.

I was looking for the Anthony Reynolds gallery on Poland Street (I couldn’t help but smile) at the end of the day but was struggling to find it – not knowing I’d walked past it three times. I walked up to a set of double doors which I thought could be the gallery. It was here that I had a sliding doors moment. I walked in just as I tall guy was walking out smiling and looking at me. I asked him if it was the Anthony Reynolds gallery by which he asked me, “Are you looking for The Observatory Studios?” – he sort of immediately, out of the blue told me he had just finished a TV audition and said why I don’t audition because I’d be perfect for the role alongside him. I was so stunned and light-heartedly kept the conversation going about finding the gallery and he was kind enough to walk five more metres with me to find it next door. Within five minutes of meeting him, I was transformed. I saw myself as a busy first year Graphic Design student and upcoming actress for a TV commercial. It was an exciting five minutes of fame.

We all know the film (hopefully), Sliding Doors – the 1998 British/American romantic comedy/drama film directed by Peter Howitt starring Gwyneth Paltrow and John Hannah? Well, I immediatley realised my situation and related it back to the film. Paltrow’s character Helen, leads a double life while the film splits as she has been sacked from her job – we observe her path as she both misses, and catches the train. Moments like these are about being in the right place at the right time and my sliding doors experience was so focused on missing and catching opportunities. I think in life generally, the best decision is to always take a chance and see where the journey takes me.

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