5 Minute

My name is Katie Townsend and I’m a first year Graphic Design student at Kingston University. I grew up in Harrow in North West London with an English dad and Polish mum. I’m bilingual along with my equally bilingual older brother. My dad is still trying to learn Polish after twenty-five years!

Enjoying the beach in Algarve, Portugal

Enjoying the beach in Algarve, Portugal

I love travelling for new experiences and inspiration and tend to go nowhere without my camera. I love the smell of countries I visit. I’m a foodie and if I’m in good shape physically, I feel good about myself. I’m a bit of a perfectionist. This sometimes stops me from moving on as quickly as I would like. I hope to properly start networking this year!

Typograohy and neon signage

Typograohy and neon signage

I particularly love typography and print design and I love combining film with music. I love discovering eclectic things as a means of securing memories of places and situations – this really makes me tick.

I’ve never blogged before, but having focused on this project over a number of weeks and having visited so many interesting galleries and shows, it’s given me a great perspective of all elements of design and all its facets and I hope sums up my Design interests! This is work in progress, and I hope that I can continue to add further content and develop it further over the coming days and weeks!

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