Visit to Nancy Victor Gallery – Fifty by Fifty

IMG_0260I was searching online for some exciting galleries and exhibitions across London and stumbled across Nancy Victor, an artist-led gallery in Fitzrovia between Goodge Street and Tottenham Court Road. By the end of the day, I would end up Soho. However, I was eager to see the Fifty by Fifty group exhibition showing work by a diverse mix of artists working with print, collage, typography and mixed media, curated by Nancy Victor and Test Space – a creative agency and event promoters.

IMG_0262IMG_0261The gallery is situated in a little street with Mediterranean-style restaurants and cafes either side with a welcoming atmosphere full of creative people. The work on display was fresh, nostalgic and humorous and really made me tick! I asked the gallery whether they would consider displaying some of my own work if I emailed them some examples, so I’m currently working on bringing together some mixed media pieces of work to visually communicate my ideas and concepts. The brief behind Fifty by Fifty was that each artist was given a scale of 50cm x 50cm to work within and had to take the gallery space and architecture into consideration. The works are really interesting and curious, personal and weird – but a good kind of weird. The works explore society, culture, the urban landscape and illusion. I especially liked a piece which was originally a metal sign with blue typographic print but was interspersed with a cartoon illustration. My other favourite pieces included nostalgic black and white prints of small figures. An illustrator’s work I fell in love with was by David Shillinglaw who’s brightly coloured work is filled with large scale pieces and typography combined throughout. He is a true marvel.


An artist/illustrator’s work I fell in love with was by David Shillinglaw who’s brightly coloured work is filled with large-scale pieces and typography combined throughout. He has some amazing zines, illustrations and artworks, he’s a true marvel.

Finger print of a tree

Finger print of a tree – from

I really like the wittiness of this illustration and caption – so simplistic and playful.

The gallery was really succesful, I was onto a good start and this was only the beginning of my day. I asked about other innovative galleries nearby who share a similar eclectic taste to Nancy Victor and I was in luck. I was directed to Warren Street and Eastcastle Street and on my way I came across Woolff Gallery on Charlotte Street.

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